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First Film Club

Sharing Excitement. Sharing Ideas. Sharing Community.

The FIRST FILM CLUB brings the film-loving community together to celebrate a diverse range of filmmakers by presenting the feature films that launched their careers.


Each screening event begins by showcasing the short film of an exciting, emerging filmmaker followed by the main presentation of an established director’s debut feature.


After both films have screened, guests will want to stick around for a special live Q&A where the directors will discuss their films and provide an insightful breakdown of the process, struggles and successes associated with the art of moviemaking.



Founded by Hanna Flint (critic, broadcaster and author) and Natalie Louise (film & television producer), the FIRST FILM CLUB celebrates directorial debuts, showcasing the early work of new and established filmmaking talent. We screen a debut short film from an emerging director alongside the feature debut of an established director followed by a Q&A with both filmmakers to discuss their craft, their inspiration and what the future holds.

All FIRST FILM CLUB events include a relaxed post screening reception where guests can connect with like-minded film fans and industry peers.



Hanna Flint is a London-based critic, author, broadcaster and host who has been covering film and culture for a decade. Hanna regularly contributes to Empire, IGN, the Guardian, Mashable, Time Out, Soho House Editorial and the BBC. She is the co-host of MTV Movies and the weekly film review podcast Fade to Black, as well as a member of London's Critics' Circle. Her debut book, Strong Female Character: What Movies Teach Us is out now.


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Natalie Louise is a producer, writer and founder of NKD Films, a production company committed to challenging audience perspectives through storytelling. With over a decade of experience working in development, production and distribution for the likes of 20th Century Fox, First Generation Films and Retriever, Natalie also runs a monthly Book Club and WIFTWaffle Brunch Club for creatives looking to connect over shared interests.

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